Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Why torture yourself ? - panic attacks are curable

There seems a general trend - correct me if I am wrong - that we can overcome our own unemplained panic attacks if we just try harder. I could not disagree more. Indeed, I think the more one tries to fight a panic attack, the stronger and more frightening it becomes. We tend to procrastinate and just continue avoiding situations we are uneasy with - time and time again. And our world just gets smaller. In previous posts I have already pointed to a number of alternatives. Getting medical advice is the first and most important step. Do it!


  1. OW! that picture looks painful! scary! panic attack coming on! *jk*

  2. When I get an attack I do the deep breathing and walk. I can't stand to just sit. It makes it worse. But sometimes that doesn't even help and I end up talking my meds..... I get very angry too while its happening because I can't control it. That doesn't help.