Sunday, 5 July 2009

An important point - and a growing network

It would seem clear that the current phase of the Internet is focusing on social networking. Even the search engines give priority in their ranking to sites which have no obvious commercial orientation but are there to communicate and inform. There are many great forums on very differing health issues and indeed the area of phobias, anxiety attacks and panic is amply covered by great exchanges between sufferers giving eack other advice.

I believe this is great because we tend to be secretive about our disorder and the Internet gives us a chance to meet up with fellow humna beings going through the same sort of problems. This form of communication can prove extremely useful. However, one word of caution. How ever supportive such forums are they cannot always replace medical advice. This I find to be particularly true in regard to medications. Advice on this issue can only come from a medical practitioner. What works for one person might not work for the other. Keep in mind there are hundreds of crooks out there willing to sell you RX and prescription medication at enormous prices. These people are exploiting your situation - shady little business profiting from your weakness. Look at all the advertisements on the right column in google when you search for panic attacks - half of them are trying to sellyou drugs at highly inflated prices - disgusting!

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