Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Anxiety and panic attacks can be cured - I am the best proof

I just read the following statement on a phobia forum:
"What should I do to get my anxiety under control I have tried medication therapy and have talked with a counselor but none have helped and could this mean that I have a brain abnormalality that is causing the anxiety to be severe and undcontrolable."
Firstly I believe that most of us think we have a brain abnormality when it comes to things like panic attacks simply because we can find no explanation for them.

My advise is that you should see your doctor again. Do not forget there are many different medications for anxiety and some work better on certain individuals and others. I had to try several medications myself before discovering the one that helped my condition. Just because a medictaion did not have the effects you were expecting does NOT mean that you have a brain abnormality.

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