Thursday, 9 July 2009

Social phobia and panic attacks - let us not underestimate the nature of the beast

In general we would be well advised not to underestimate the severity of social phobias and panic attacks if they are left untreated. They can and do affect every facet of an individual's life - working life, social life, relationships, hobbies. Avoidance of situations becomes extremely restrictive and worse - increasingly restrictive. No case of the illness shuld be left untreated in my opinion as there is evidence that - untreated - it is a progressive illness.

Take a simple example of a sudden panic attack while driving. This could lead to a fear of driving and of avoiding driving altogether. Consider how that alone could have a negative affect on a person's life. No public transport. How do you get to work? How do you meet friends? And again there is clear evidence that left untreated this disorder can lead to substance and alcohol abuse. Indeed many rehab programms today are a dual programm offering relief from the addiction and from the social anxiety disorder.

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  1. Great articles! I agree with you--anxiety and panic should definitely be treated.

    I just went on a new med today. Better living through chemistry!