Sunday, 14 June 2009

Self-medication,however tempting it seems, is not a good idea for panic or anxiety disorders

The symptoms of phobias and panic attacks often can force the sufferer to take up the enticing Internet offers of medication without a prescription - now I imagine a $billion industry. From the outset I advise you DO NOT TAKE UP SUCH OFFERS!

You know the sort of offers I mean that might escape your spam box:

Today Bestsellers
Xanax / Alprazolam only 1.66 per pill. View Offer

Valium / Diazepam only 1.66 per pill. View Offer

Phentermine / Adipex only 2.41 per pill. View Offer

Ambien / Zolpidem only 1.54 per pill. View Offer

Klonopin / Rivotril only 1.29 per pill. View Offer

Such offers are nothing short of criminal. Firstly the prices are hugely inflated and secondly you have no idea about the quality of the medication you are actually paying such high prices for. Although I have done this as well, please take my advice AVOID, unless you want to get broke or poison yourself. Should you feel you need medication your doctor would be the last to refuse it.

An alternative solution is to turn to natural herbal remedies, many of which clain they can help sufferers of panic and social phobias and disorders. I keep an open mind on this but in my case I had no success with natural remedies making outrageous claims and all I did was spend a lot of money for a heap of unused bottles in the medicine cabinet. Here again I believe your doctor should know what is best in your particular situation.

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