Saturday, 13 June 2009

Making a secret of phobias and panic attacks

I believe that, like myself, most sufferers from panic disorders and anxiety attacks are hell bent on keeping their condition secret for as long as they can. And also keeping the condition secret from their nearest and dearest. Is this the case with you? If so, have you asked yourself why? In my view sufferers of panic disorders are motivated not to talk about their condition to anyone unless it becomes utterly unavoidable.

In my view there are a number of reason for this:
(1) The sufferer may feel that others may think he or she is going insane.

After all if you can not explain your situation to yourself, are you going to expect others to understand it?
(2) The sufferer may simply feel too embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone about what he or she considers to be a personal weakness

(3) The sufferer may feel that by telling friends about their phobias and panic attacks he or she may lose them.

I made just these mistakes and they are genuine mistakes. Ask yourself now, do you not have one person in the world you can turn to when you are facing such a difficult time in your life. Of course you have but you need the courage to do it. My serious advice, take the courage and you will find that having one individual that you can turn to in such a situation is worth its weight in gold.

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