Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The down side of using selective serotonin uptake inhibitors to treat panic and anxiety attacks

Everything in life does seem to be a bit of a trade off. It may seem unfair that even a way of living a calm life has a price tag. Who said life is fair is my reply. In my view it isn't. Most medications do have side effects and paroxetine-based medicines are no exception. Later I will supply a link to a full list of possible side effects of the drug, but, as most doctors will tell you, the side effects are most pronounced at the beginning, i.e. the first four weeks and then quickly diminish as the body gets used and adapts to the medication. You can read here about all possible side effects of paroxetine.

My view on this - apart from medical evidence of increased risk to children and adolescents of the drug, for the adult phobic the choice is living with severe impairment of quality of life if the symptoms are left untreated or you risk suffering certain physical side effects from the drug - I choose the second. This image says a lot to me and I assume to you if you suffer from social phobia and consequent avoidance of situations it will say something to you as well. Our condition makes our world small and untreated the world just gets smaller and smaller. Strangely enough - and I find this interesting - the word in German for fear is "Angst". Guess where the word had its origins? - in describing something that is narrow. And that sums up for me largely the state of the phobic and anxiety sufferer. Life in a shrinking world with fear of trying something new, fear of going out, fear of speaking your mind, fear of making a fool of yourself, fear of public speaking in case you panic. Yes, it is fear of the fear in itself that makes this condition feel like a cancer spreading throughout your life and making you pay a huge price in terms of quality of life for trying to struggle on alone without professional help.

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