Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Panic attacks - the symptoms are the illness

Whereas symptoms in many illness are only the outward expression of an illness, in the case of panic and anxiety disorders if you can get rid of the symptoms you are rid of the illness. of course you will find many who disagree with this theory and who state that the panic attack is simply characteristic of some deeper illness. I do not believe this. In my view, when the symptoms (anxiety, phobia, panic) go, so does the illness. No matter what specific type of therapy one chooses, psychological counselling, behavoural therapy or medication, if they are successful then you are cured.

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  1. When it comes to psychological illnesses is a bit hard to be sure. I had disritmia that for long time doctors thought was a depression. I did treatment but was alone with myself trying to deal with what made me had this problem that I found a way to work on it. Now it seems I never had disritmia in my life, people can´t know it, can´t see it. But I know i still have it, I just discovered a way to deal with it and have a normal life. That´s it!