Friday, 28 August 2009

The scams for phobias which I hate

Dear Readers, 

Apologies but scams sich as the one you see below get me very upset. I received this just this morning and when I read the nonsense it is really not worth even reading, much less purchasing. The reason I object to this Clickbank products is that it is exploiting an illness and offering immediate cure with 10 minutes a day. Just take a second and read it through and you will see what I mean

            Secret Of Meditation:
check Instantly Relax and Meditate anywhere, anytime you wish. There is no ritual or certain rules you have to follow . (Editor: well that sounds very handy, indeed, I really can do what I want when I want to?)
check Improve your health dramatically - physically, emotionally, and mentally. (Editor: This sentence says absolutely nothing about the product at all. It is a complete and utter generalisation which could apply to anything.)
check Empower yourself for Greater Success, Better Health, Relationship and Financially. (Editor; Equally meaningless sentence which says absolutely nothing, all it is doing is filling the page but not giving you any information.)
check Get rid of limiting belief, never let fear control your life (Editor; So I can jump of a ten storey building without fear.)
check Ability to Heal Yourself and become a facilitator to heal others instantly (Editor: wow, that is not. Not only does it heal me instantly, I can start healing others immediately!)
check Increase vitality and feelings of rejuvenation, face your life with positive attitude. (Editor: Better than any vitamins you will ever buy.)
check Decrease symptoms of Panic and Anxiety , start and end your day with Pure Unconditional Love
check Create emotional stability, stop suffering from mood swings.
check Increase your intuitions and boost your sixth sense (Editor: Boost my what?)
check Activate 7 major Chakras and preparing youself for KUNDALINI Awakening (Editor: I bet, just can't wait!)
check Naturally Cure Insomnia, Stress and Depression
Well as you see I could continue, this text says nothing, it promises the earth. You have to do nothing to get rid of your phobias or panic and anxity attack - just pay $67 dollars and everthing will be fine! Problem is there are so many desperate phobics out there, I wondered how much he sold?

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