Sunday, 2 August 2009

Phobias, social anxiety - fear of fear

Many in their comments write to me that they get very upset and frustrated with themselves about having panic attacks. While this is a natural reaction I think we have to look a little deeper at this frustration.
I believe the real frustration and self-anger experienced by many of us who suffer from social phobias or social anxiety stems from the fact that we recognise the illogical nature of the fear and that what we are really confronted with is the fear of the fear of a particular social situation. I am not really worried about giving a speech before 200 people tomorrow, I fear the fear of such an action. It is this gradual build up over time which is so unnerving and energy sapping that all we feel is frustration.
This is the tricky thing, I feel, about phobias and anxiety in general, we fear the fear of the situation and not the actual situation. Perhaps I am not making myself very clear?

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