Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Does physical exercise reduce phobias?

I have reviewed many stories relatibg to the effect physical exercise on a regular basis has on individuals who suffer form phobias. In general my research would seem to show that yes indeed regular even daily physical exercise does have an overall beneficial effect. Here is what one sufferer writes:

"I found that as the more intense demands I could put on my body, that a chemical release of maybe endorphenes and dopamine, would give me a high that would last about 1 hr.! It was like floating to the music and everything was wonderful! After the high wore off, there still was a good feeling lasting all day which helped me face my fears much better.".

While in the vast majority of cases, individuals recognise that psychical exercises is not actually a cure for phobic disorders, it does place one in a better physcial and mental position to deal with them.


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  2. I wonder if other activities that release endorphins and other desirable biochemicals would have a similar buffering effect. Hm, probably so.