Sunday, 10 May 2009

At the end of the day no two people are the same

Being a victim myself I have read a lot and heard a lot about social phobia but I honestl believe that no two cases are the same. We underestimate the complexity of the human mind and its reactions.

Equally, I believe that there is no one specific cure for social phobias. What helps one person may do nothing for the other. There is no "one size fits ALL" remedy. OK, this is just my opinion but I have found no academic or medical evidence to suggest the opposite.

Why, for example, should I some 25 years ago walk out of work to go to the bank and stop panicked in front of their glass doors like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car. Heart pumping, pale and in a cold sweat. Until today I have not found or been given any answers to that. (Please feel free to comment).

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